Game On!

PurpleStride 2017 is here! Join the fight against Pancreatic Cancer...

Our Story.

In April of 2012 my Grandfather, Dick Weissman, was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. This came as a shock to our family as he was only 67 years old and healthy. There is no early detection for Pancreatic Cancer!

Naturally, my family and I did everything we could to learn about this disease. We learned that The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network ( PANCAN) hosted an annual fundraising walk every November called Purplestride in many cities throughout the country. Determined to get involved, I decided to start a team so that my family and friends could walk with me and raise money towards finding a cure for this deadly disease. And that was how Team Boychik (dubbed for one of my Pop-pop’s nicknames) was born. We raised $53,00.00 that first year!

After losing my Pop-pop to disease the following summer, my family and I were even more intent than ever to continue the fight against Pancreatic Cancer.

In the five years since we started, Team Boychik has raised almost $200,000 and I have gone to Washington along with PANCAN to lobby Congress for more funding. Every year I work hard, with help from my family and friends, to wage hope for PC patients and their families across the nation. After all….that’s what Boychik would have done. Please help continue the progress. Thank you!

Why we fight

Pancreatic Cancer by the numbers….

Rank among cancer related causes of death
Avg. number of years it takes patients to move from Stage I to Stage IV
5 year survival rate (the only major cancer with a single digit 5-yr. survival rate)
Patients expected to survive more than twelve months after being diagnosed
The year Pancreatic Cancer is projected to become the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in the U.S.
Americans diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 2016
Americans lost to Pancreatic Cancer in 2016
number of proven early detection tests or biomarkers